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Settlement relay
Receipt arrangement
VAN Service


Smartro VAN service is a solution that checks the credit and credit line of a customer when payment for either goods or services is made via various payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards through a POS and credit card reader in the affiliated store, and relays the settlement approval to the intended card company.

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It also serves as an agency for card receipt arrangement and delivery service by gathering card sales data and sending it to the intended card companies, helping the stores to conveniently claim payments made by cards.

  • Credit and debit card settlement relay service
  • Global card settlement relay service
  • Prepaid and point card settlement relay service
  • Cash receipt issuance agency

Are you opening up a shopping mall?
Check out Smartro PG service


PG (Payment Gateway) service is an online e-payment relay service between the online SMEs (online shopping malls) and financial institutions (card companies). It helps consumers to safely use and operate the payment systems found at online malls, providing 24/7, year-round e-payment service and a real-time monitoring system.

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It ensures a safe and quick payment method that covers domestic and international credit cards, account transfers, cellphone payments, and payments through various gift certificates.

  • On-line settlement solution
  • Mobile settlement solution
  • Establishing a point system
  • Establishing a prepaid card system

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your business with
Smartro BIZZLE!


Everything that an affiliated store needs! You can find all the know-how and insights of operating a business in BIZZLE. BIZZLE is a service platform providing a total solution package, including financial services, marketing services, sourcing services, and management support services to the store owners via POS and Apps.

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The name BIZZLE delivers the wishes of Smartro, seeking to provide exemplary services, as important and necessary as BIZZLE, to all business owners throughout the country.
No worries over costs! Benefit from strong marketing effects! Operate your business efficiently! Choose BIZZLE!

  • Financial support service
  • Marketing service
  • Outsourcing support service
  • Management support service

All about
affiliated store marketing


MSP (Marketing Service Platform) is a service for developing, designing, and operating business collaboration and marketing programs that the affiliated stores need using the affiliation network of Smartro. By utilizing our service platform and affiliation network, you can dramatically broaden the marketing scope of your business.

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  • Infrastructure service for affiliated stores
  • Affiliated store royalties
  • Marketing service for affiliated stores
  • Creating infrastructure for NFC settlement
  • Affiliated Store Recruiting Agency