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Smartro MSP Service

MSP is a service for developing, designing, and operating business partnership programs and marketing projects that the affiliated stores need by utilizing the partnership network of Smartro.

MSP Service

Affiliated Stores Marketing

  • Partnership marketing

    • Partnership brokerage between domestic/overseas card company and affiliated stores

    • Partnership brokerage between consumer goods brands and affiliated stores

    • Partnership brokerage between institutions and affiliated stores

  • On-line Marketing

    • Outsourced operation of card company-run shopping malls

    • Advertising agency through new product launching service

    • Brokerage for entering closed malls / welfare malls

Affiliated Stores Loyalty

  • Membership service

    • Affiliated store membership program bundling brokerage

  • Loyalty Marketing

    • Creating premium/global affiliation pool

    • Selling goods for advertising earnings using the company group’s promotion channel

Affiliated Store Infrastructure

  • New-biz marketing

    • Marketing platform-making projects

    • Pioneering credit card donation market

  • Settlement Infrastructure

    • POS solution (C-POS, point ASP, etc.)

    • PG, SM-PAY (new products related to the payment methods)

  • Specialized Service

    • Prepaid card for tourists (Korea Exchange Bank, Seoul Tourism Organization TFT)

    • DCC/MCP, TaxRefund

Creating infrastructure for NFC settlement

  • Payment infra establishment

    • Building and developing payment infrastructure that accepts NFC/RF-based new payment methods

    • Brokerage for development and infra-building projects by domestic and overseas card companies and affiliated stores

  • Promotional Marketing

    • Promotional advertising of new payment methods

    • Brokerage for marketing partnerships between domestic/overseas card companies and affiliated stores

Affiliated Store Recruiting Agency

  • Affiliated store recruiting

    • Card point member store recruiting agency

  • Point Membership Store Management

    • Customer claims and customer service for point membership stores

    • Providing marketing services to point membership stores

  • New-biz marketing

    Cash market transition

    Marketing platform

    Charity donations

  • Loyalty Marketing

    Card company points

    Open-type points

    Premium / Global

  • Partnership marketing

    Domestic and overseas card companies

    Big brands

    Other partnerships and organizations

  • On-line Marketing

    Card company-operated shopping malls

    New product launches (experiential)

    Closed malls and welfare malls

MSP MARKETING PLATFORM Dear, store owners,
It is time to increase yours sales
  • Payment Infrastructure

    POS solution

    PG, LBS, New technology

  • Membership Service



  • Communication

    Marketing campaign


  • Specialized Service

    DCC / MCP

    TaxFree, Prepaid

Customer service center : 1666-9114