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Smatro VAN

Smartro VAN service establishes and operates the most optimized payment system that accommodates various payment methods by utilizing strong technological prowess and the broad cooperation network of Smartro.


VAN Service

  • Stable Service

    24/7 fault-free payment service

    Swift computer system and on-site response in case of an emergency fault

    Stronger payment and personal information protection system

  • Establishing Optimized Systems

    Developing customized POS and CAT terminals

    Optimizing establishment of payment systems and operation costs

  • Accommodating Diverse Payment Methods

    Accommodating credit, debit, and prepaid cards, application, and overseas card payments

    Accommodating IC card payments that comply with the government security policy

    Accommodating point payment for marketing purposes

Total payment agency serviceEstablishing and operating the best payment system

Smartro Co., Ltd

accommodates all types of payment methods that
our customer seeks based on our global partnership network.

Smartro Partnership Network

  • Category Partnership details
  • Global settlement SmartCard joint project, EMV/RF-EMV terminal supply, Domestic currency conversion (DCC) service, Unionpay partnership project
  • Bonus Bonus points, Loyalty service
  • Digital cash company Transportation card payment, Prepaid card payment
  • Other Cash receipt issuance, Debit card transactions, Check inquiry

Payment Method

  • Accommodating overseas card settlement

    DCC service

    Union card partnership discount service

  • Accommodating Payments by Partner Company Points

    Point transaction relay service

    Point membership subscription agency service

  • Accommodating Other Payment Methods

    Check inquiry service

    Cash receipt issuance agency service

    Transportation, prepaid, and debit card subscription agency service

POS Solution

Smartro builds the most optimized payment system tailored to your business environment by utilizing our unique POS solution and abundant experiences in establishment of large-scale payment systems.


Smile POS

  • 24/7 service call center

    Operating an exclusive call center for POS-related problems, 24 hours /365 days a year

  • Food Service Industry POS

    Having POS solution specialized in logistics and food service industries

  • ASP

    Web-based ASP Provided

    (Real-time store management, anytime and anywhere)

  • Remote A/S Support

    Remote A/S Support
  • Flawless back-up system

    Flawless back-up system
  • Real-time Upgrades

    Real-time Upgrades
  • Ubiquitous Store Management

    Ubiquitous Store Management
Status of Smartro Branches and Retail Stores

With the sales division of the headquarters, 14 branches, and 328 retail stores,
Smartro Co., Ltd provides customer-centered sales activities and quality follow-up service

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