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Sales Management ASP

It is a store management support service that helps you more conveniently manage sales information such as credit card payments and cash receipt details made on in-store card terminals and POS.
It is provided in various mediums, including internet, SMS, and e-mail; where by converting the previously manually-performed work into an automatic process, you can perform sales management necessary to the store more rapidly and conveniently.


Sales Management ASP Overview

  • Credit card sales information quick inquiry

    1. Quick inquiry of card sales information

    You can quickly check sales information from card payments made on in-store terminals and POS.

  • SMS Service

    2. SMS notification of the sales data of the previous day

    Every day, sales information from the card payment and amount to be deposited are delivered via SMS.

  • Sales Management with ASP

    3. Sales management with ASP

    You can check management-related information such as sales analysis, sales reports and surtax reporting documents, etc. more easily and quickly via ASP.

  • The SMS service fee may be charged to you (for more details, consult with the retail store)

Service display

  • SMS service
  • Sales detail
  • Surtax reporting
  • Sales calendar
Sales management. Do it with one click!

Do you find managing deposit and sales details only with card slips and a bankbook to be difficult and troublesome?
Now with ASP, you are just a click away from a sales information inquiry/management and mobile phone SMS service.

Integrated ASP

Smartro ASP Service is a service that allows for fast checks for orders and POS information for affiliated stores and lets the franchise head office know the related information. Suppliers may check orders in a glance and provide stores with the requested merchandise immediately.


Integrated ASP Overview

  • View all histories in a glance

    1. Product order and history management

    Affiliated stores may check orders and its details easily.

  • Direct Shipping from head office

    2. Orders and shipping could be conducted directly from Franchise head office

    Franchise head office may deal with orders and delivery directly, making everything much simpler.

  • Supplier Deliveries

    3. Supplier checks orders and conducts delivery

    Suppliers may check franchise head office’s orders and direct shipping requests from affiliated stores easily.

  • Convenient Checking Service

    4. Convenient Checking Service

    Just like a normal POS all sales that occurred in SmilePOS affiliated stores could be seen.

  • Convenient Affiliated Store Management

    5. Convenient affiliated store management with the help of sales reports

    Detailed sales report showing sales per product category and analysis according to the reports allow for convenient management of branches.

  • Detailed sales report showing sales per product category is available to SmilePos affiliated stores only.
  • Orders for supply and delivery is available to all customers including SmilePos affiliated stores.

Service display

  • POS sales report
  • Affiliated store registration
  • Affiliated store supply order
  • Detailed sales report showing sales per product category
  • Ordering information Item
  • Product information management
  • Balance report
  • Order management
  • Packing list

DCC service is a service designed to heighten customer satisfaction for affiliated stores with high percentage of overseas card settlement. When the customer makes settlement in an affiliated store with overseas card, they could directly see the total amount in their currency.

DCC Service Introduction

  • Duty-free shop, department storeCasino, hotel

    1. Affiliated Stores Subject to DCC Service

    DCC service is provided on a global basis in areas where overseas card settlements occur frequently such as duty free shops, department stores, airports, casinos and hotels.

  • MASTER CardVISA Card

    2. Cards Subject to DCC Service

    Visa, Mastercard only
    (JCB Card service TBD)

  • Supports 11 currencies

    3. Currencies subject to DCC service

    • USD $, JPY ¥, EUR €, GBP £, HKD, TWD, SGD, CAD, AUD, THB, RUB
      Supports a total of 11 different currencies

    • DCC Service for CNY is currently unavailable.

Service Process

  • Customer purchases product

    Customer purchases product

  • Cashier checks the card to verify if it is an overseas card and is a VISA or MasterCard

    Cashier checks the card to
    verify if it is an overseas card
    and is a VISA or MasterCard

  • Cashier swipes card and <br />enters the sum in USD

    Cashier swipes card and
    enters the sum in USD

  • Cashier prints offer receipt

    Cashier prints offer receipt

  • Customer checks the currency rate in question and the sum with receipt

    Customer checks the currency
    rate in question and the sum
    with receipt

  • Customer chooses which currency he prefers after checking

    Customer chooses which
    currency he prefers after

  • Customer signs

    Customer signs

  • Final receipt printed, <br />DCC dealing complete

    Final receipt printed,
    DCC dealing complete

What's BIZZLE?

'Bizzle' means adding pleasure to your business! We provide services such as sales/cash management, advertisement/marketing, payment, material purchase, and general table/floor management, etc. Such services are provided through a single APP for our users’ convenience or You can access such services by downloading a single APP, ‘Bizzle’!

BIZZLE Service

  • Smart Management

    1. Store Management Service

    We always work our best to provide various services from basic floor management(sales/cash management,, hiring part-timers, etc) to finance(loan, taxation, etc) to assist you run your business efficiently and successfully!

  • Smart Marketing

    2. Marketing Service

    We help you turn your customers to regulars through our loyalty services(coupon marketing, membership management, etc) and advertisement services(store ringtone, map, etc)!

  • 3. Material Purchase Service

    Save money and time with ‘Bizzle’! We have sourcing services such as food products, bill papers, store supplies that allows you buy materials for your business for lower costs!

    Smart Purchase
  • 4. Payment Service

    You can apply for payment service(credit/debit card, kakao pay, ali/wechat pay) quick and easy with ‘Bizzle’. You do not have to purchase a payment terminal since you can accept payment with ‘Freepay’, one of the key features of ‘Bizzle’ (Free pay supports QR payment option) !

    Smart Payment
  • Smart Regular Management

    5. Regular’s Services

    Through our coupon marketing, membership management, and waiting services, you can turn your customers to regulars. Customers don’t need to wait long before they get their service!

  • Smart Bizzle

    6. Other Services

    We have other extra services such as market analysis, CCTV, and etc. We continue to expand our service features and areas for our users’ successful business!



You can enjoy ‘Bizzle’ anytime and anywhere!
BIZZLE is basically offered via mobile APP.

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